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In relationships, business, or family, we sometimes lose our way. Fear and uncertainty create challenges that can be overwhelming causing doubt.  We may face one obstacle after another leaving us feeling hopeless, stuck, and out of gas. We may need someone to help manage our thinking and self talk rather than join in the negative dialog. Living Loved Coaching is there to offer hope, strategies, and practical tools to jump start your resilience.


All too often we live based on what others think about us; or even worse, what we think they think about us. What if you could find courage to erase the negative myths you have allowed to be your truth? Shawn LaRe’ can provide you with tools to see beyond your past and help you create a bright future according to your purpose. 

diamonds are created under pressure

When we begin a transformation, we may not know the final outcome. And that’s okay! When a geologist is digging, at first they only see rock, however, on rare occasions they find a precious stone surrounded by the layers of dust and coal. This precious stone, or diamond, buried within has been delivered there through the process of deep source volcanic eruptions. In order for a diamond to be formed, it must go through extreme heat and pressure before it is deposited in it’s most valuable form. Like these diamonds, so it is for us as we seek to find our most valuable form. Living Loved Coaching can guide you through this process, delivering you to the place where you can perform at your optimal best.

About us

Putting your vision to work through resilience, rejuvenation & reinvention.

When we were little children, we believed we could do anything. Remember when you would jump off stoops, run with reckless abandon, skin your knee and keep running? That is when we were the most resilient. Over time experiences, trauma, and just the day-to-day grind can steel our bounce and leave us with limiting beliefs. It can not only steel our joy but can leave us feeling confused, overwhelmed, and out of sorts.  Shawn LaRe’ has been able to overcome obstacles in her journey and now she helps other work through limiting beliefs, fears, and roadblocks to find resilience, feel rejuvenated, and reinvent life holistically.

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