Shawn LaRe Brinkley brings a new level of
  hope & healing

I am in the people business. In my work, I help individuals learn to accept who they are in spite of what they have been through and move past the un-lovely parts of their stories into the beautiful, happy and productive ending. Additionally, I help couples push through that stagnant comfort zone to discover the space in their relationship where they are in sync and harmonious; to find that “Sweet Spot”.

A few things we’re great at

Using her Triple-R Formula: Resilience, Rejuvenation, and Reinvention…

Reach for Your Resilience with Personal Coaching

Shawn LaRe gets you to dig deep to examine your blocks and their origin. We then work on strategies to move beyond those obstacles and into your wellness place. 

Rejoice in Your Rejuvenation with Career Coaching

Shawn LaRe can help you increase your bottom line, by sparking creativity and breathing life into complacent attitudes, stagnant movement and shelved dreams to rejoice in your rejuvenation. 

Revel in Your Reinvention with Public Speaking/Training

With Shawn LaRe’s dynamic, personable, and unique speaking style, she encourages you to live beyond fear and limiting beliefs to jumpstart your fearless spirit and revel in your reinvention.