It’s All About the Presentation

Shawn LaRe is a dynamic speaker who engages the audience with humorous anecdotes, words of wisdom, and mindful meditation. Those in attendance will leave feeling alive and ready to take it to the next level. 


Learn to build the muscles to support your group through the resilience needed to get over past difficulties


Understand the importance of self-care during and after difficult times in order to expect rejuvenation


Learn how to fortify your group for the journey through reinvention!

Step Into Your Who You Are-ness

Say Hello to the Dynamo

Shawn LaRe’ is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist and Transformational Performance Coach. She is a dynamic Speaker/Trainer/Author with a zest for life and people. Her energy is, boundless, her passion relentless, and her joyous spirit infectious! Ms. Brinkley’s coaching techniques help clients reach deep inside themselves to uncover their true purpose and step up to who they were meant to be before trauma, obstacles, and life’s let downs got in the way.

Living Your Authentic Self

Shawn LaRe empowers her clients, through mindfulness, to move past the fears and limiting beliefs that keep them stuck and unable to move into the greatness for which they have been destined. Shawn LaRe’s Triple-R Formula, invites her audience, clients, and YOU to rethink what you have been taught about yourselves and develop, step into and stand proudly in your   “Who-you-are-ness; a word she coined to help individuals live as their authentic selves and perform at the most optimal levels in their lives.

Love, Laughter & ADHD are Superpowers

Shawn LaRe lives life to the fullest and believes love, laughter, and ADHD are her superpowers. Her philosophy is, “When life gives you lemons, you must not just make lemonade, you must suck on them til’ they taste like chocolate. Brinkley credits her tenacious spirit to her mantra by which she lives “every set back is a comeback waiting for you to come to it.”

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